BaerCoil Thread Repair Kit M 7 x 1,0

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Description: Renault used extensively M7 x 1 studs on cylinder heads. Those are seldom in poor shape, or welded by rust in the aluminium. To install new studs without going nuts on M8 or M10, this kit (German quality) will do the trick.

Complete BaerCoil Thread-Repair-Kit, Content:

  • 1 x HSSG BaerCoil Standard Drill
  • 1 x HSSG BaerCoil Tap > ISO1-4H
  • 1 x BaerCoil Inserting Tool
  • 1 x BaerCoil Tang Break Tool
  • + BaerCoil Wire-Thread-Inserts “free running”, stainless steel (ASIS 304)
    20 pcs. lenght: 1,5 x D

– Thread Repair of damaged or worn-out threads
– Recovery of rejected items
– Thread Armour Plating. For material with low shear strenght eg. aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys.

Extra inserts, different lenghts, different threads available, please contact us