Main bearings, 1289/1397cc

40,00  (ex-VAT)


Reference: 603805
Set of main bearings for the crankshaft
Material AlSn20Cu, bi-métal, SAE 783
Excellent quality, made by the european branch of a reputed japanese company


  • Equivalent of Glyco 6444M – H1042/5
  • For 1289cc type 810 engine (later version) for R12 & R5
    For 1397cc type 840-725, 847-700/701/720, C1J engines for
    R5, R5 Alpine, R5 Alpine Turbo, 5 GTT
    For 1108 / 1237 cc engines type C1E / C1G (R5)


*Price is for one set – plz choose STD or +0.25 size

Additional information

Weight 0,250 kg

STD, +0.25