Pulleys kit, A110

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Reference: KITPOUL1600FF
Set of 2 toothed pulleys and belt (water pump, camshaft) and tentioner

Description: Replaces the standard belt with a toothed belt in order to reduce the stress on the water pump. Also reduces the stress from the camshaft bearings – The components are lighter then the OEM parts, resulting in improved engine response (water pump pulley weight: 286 gr., camshaft pulley weight: 268 gr., tensioner pulley weight including bearing: 181 gr., profile of the teeth: HTD – 8M)

Designed to fit the type 807 & 844 blocks

Compatible with the following models:

  • Alpine A110 1600
  • Alpine A310 1600
  • Lotus Europa


  • 1 aluminium camshaft pulley
  • 1 aluminium water pump pulley
  • 1 toothed belt
  • 1 tensioner